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17/06/2011 - Hand in - The Three Folders


Three Folders


I knew from the start of this film that I didn't want to be an animator, which considering I'm on a animation course is probably a bit odd but its just the field that never interested me. Knowing that i wanted to have technical as my main folder i was pleased with what i did have a throughout the whole film I only animated on one shot although I had done secondary animation on one of the early opening shot test that I worked on. I also had created the 2D fx throughout the film so i knew that although this was going to be my weakest folder I had a fair amount of work for it.


Although this folder wasn't my main one I am confident with the work that was in there, the animatic was one thing I was particularly proud of this because the cinematography was down to Dave and I, Dave having the ideas and me visualising them. I was also fairly confident with my modelling as on this project I ended up becoming a bit of a problem solver for most issue bar nay involving the rig.

Technical (Main)

This was my main folder in the film from day one, I always knew I wanted to be compositing and editing so I am very confident with my work although I am constantly worrying that I didn't put enough in the my folder as my role in the film didnt come through until the last 2 weeks so it was a bit of a crazy rush to get the majority of the film rendered, composited and edited as well as finishing my folders in time. I had enough time to break down a selection of the more complicated shots and then put the current edit of the film at the end of my video. I do realise there was a few issues with the final film as well but I didnt have a chance to fix these before the deadline. Below is a list of issues with the film that I didn't have time to fix before hand in.

Shots to Fix
  • Shot 2 - Add steam when Marmot sniffs camera
  • Shot 3 - Add rock for marmot to dissappear behind
  • Shot 8,9 and 10 - Add more environment to bring life to scene
  • Shot 11 -  Put a distance between characters
  • Shot 13 - Sort out character transparency
  • Shot 15 and 16 - Adjust Shot Transition
  • Shot 16 - Have to clouds one for marmot one for man
  • Shot 17 Part 2 and 3 - Camera Adjustments
  • Shot 19 and 20 - New Shot in between or extend 19
  • Shot 20 - Adjust eye colour
  • Shot 27 - Fix eyes
There are other tweak to be made but these are one that concern my main folder.

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