Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rendering 3

After my talk with the director I could see that this style wasn't working and the director said that he want to go in more a scroll style direction and maybe try and have the characters look more drawn. Initially I tried using the outline shader that is built in to Maya but I was having a lot of issues getting it to work. While I was trying to get it to work I didn't realise that I still had the cell shader active and I accidentally rendered from under the light and saw the my model had and outline of one colour.

It occured to me that if I used this right I could colour key the inner colours in After Effect i could the use the outline as a maskfor a solid black that could give the drawn look. Below you can see a test I creadted using this techniqueso that I could show the director how this could start to look, I also used a background from the web that looked like a scroll to give as good a representation of the final piece as I could at this stage.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Rendering 2

One of the issues I had at the start of this project I had a few issues as there was no specific style to work on, all I had was 'we want it to look mongolian' and what was in the directors head. Also not really having a concept artist on board at first, I was struggling at first as it is not normally the job of the renders to find the style of the film but to mimic what the concept looks like. We had plenty of artists in our group just who weren't fitted to what the director wanted.

After sitting down with the group and having a discussion with the director we managed to decided on a cell shaded style mixed with a scroll look. Unfortunately at this point I still didn't have any concepts to work from, so the first thing I did was to go to and raid their huge bank of user created content to find a cell shader. I eventually managed to find a cell shader that allowed me to start experimenting. 

I spent a week or two playing with the settings to try and see what kind of style I could find. Once I had a basic idea of the controls for the shader i started creating a series of basic images just o show the director what it could possible look like. for these render is decided to focus on the face of a character rig i had a it showed variation in shadow because of all the curves on its face.

For the shader there were 3 main settings to be played with first of it was possible to changes the size each section (Shadow, Normal and Highlight), the amount of sections and finally give a hue to any section for coloured light.

Below are a selection these renders which were the starting point that i showed to the director

Here you can see a mock up I did for the environment to test the renders with some simple mountains just to get a feel for how it could look as a whole.

After showing this render to the director it was decided this wasn't really the direction the film should have been going in so I was going to have to bring experiment with some different styles.