Wednesday, 8 June 2011

08/06/2011 - Playblast edit and Folder Preperation

Today's plan to get 2 scenes render went completely out the window as I started editing some videos together for my submission folders, which i then ended up getting really involved in as Editing is really one of my main passions. I started editing the break down of my different FX passes to different shot, below you can see a break down of the passes of smoke I added into shot 29.

I also had one of the animators in the group come round to help me clean up some of the shots today as some of them were a bit of a mess after getting them from the other animators. so we spent a lot of the day just cleaning up small parts of scene, we also changed some of the camera angles in some shots to had some of the weaker points in the animations. She ended up taking some shot home with her to do some finishing to but otherwise I now have nearly every shot the is ready to render excluding 3 or 4 which are being finessed by the animators.

I also spent a large chunk of the morning working in my E&E unit so although today has been extremely productive only 25% of that was towards the film.

I also used today as and opportunity to playblast all finished animation shot and start to edit them together  and although its a mash up of Blocked out playblast, Finesse playblast and render shot the story is starting to come together and im getting excited about the film again.

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